The Petal, Et Al, San Francisco, 2023
Promise's Room, Silke Lindner, New York, 2023
JUNK IS NO GOOD BABY, Silke Lindner, New York, 2022
Biscuit, Canada, New York, 2022
Jewel Stand, Harkawik, Los Angeles, 2021
Bisexual Lesbian Folk Art, Los Angeles, 2020
No title (Diary, Birds), Various, 2020
Days of the Week, Munich, 2019
My Wishing Well, Cone Shape Top, Oakland, 2019
All S_x Workers Go to Heaven vol. 2, Los Angeles, 2019
Four Seasons, Karma International, Los Angeles, 2019
Polly, Providence, 2015
Bit, Taipei, 2014
Exercise, Los Angeles, 2013

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The Petal duo exhibition, Et Al, 2023

Promise's Room solo exhibition, Silke Lindner, 2023

JUNK IS NO GOOD BABY group exhibition, Silke Lindner, 2022

Biscuit solo exhibition, Canada, 2022

Jupiter Finger group exhibition at Real Pain, Los Angeles, 2021

w/ Corona Iniguez

“I drove Maui back to the hotel she and her boyfriend were staying at in Commerce. On the way there we saw a car completely engulfed in flames; it was brighter than the rising sun"
Days of the Week, accompanying exhibition for Wall Sits, Diamond Stingily at Kunstverein München, Munich, 2019

My Wishing Well at Cone Shape Top, Oakland, 2019

in collaboration w/ ASWGTH. Cover illustration by Alastor Wrath

in collaboration with Noon Tran and Pluto Soo Hoo

suit smudges on wall collection;    mosquito bite collection

  沈  恩  潔